CLIMAVORE BUILDS Ph.D. Studentship Opportunity at Imperial College.

Location: London

We are thrilled to announce an exciting CLIMAVORE BUILDS Ph.D. Studentship opportunity. This opportunity examines the material possibilities of waste-shell composites, contributing towards the ongoing development of CLIMAVORE BUILDS. The project, entitled 'Room temperature densification of seashell waste carbonate composites as tile replacement' explores novel production techniques, and aims to uncover new methods of material production from seashells to construction composites.

CLIMAVORE Builds works within tidal regions to recuperate and repurpose local food waste from restaurants; gathering seashells to develop a new composite material that reduces pressure on the landfill, while incentivizing circular economies for the local craft and construction sectors.

The SSCP DTP will award 14 fully funded NERC studentships in 2022-23.

Studentship in the Imperial College Department of Materials, fully funded for a minimum of 3 years.

If you are interested in applying, please complete a pre-application form, and contact the project’s supervisor, Dr. Florian Bouville.

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