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Becoming CLIMAVORE is a global network of restaurants, canteens and other food spaces in museums, cultural and educational institutions that are adapting their food offerings to the climate crisis. The transition starts with the removal of farmed salmon and other intensively farmed ingredients from the menu, replacing them with others that positively contribute to rebuilding habitats through regenerative practices, agroecology or aquaecology. These guidelines respond to specific human-made seasons in the region where each Becoming CLIMAVORE organisation is located and have to be reviewed over time.

Becoming CLIMAVORE advocates for changing farming practices, as well as the culture of eating, which also needs to radically change in order for the shift to a climate-responsive food system to occur. This has to happen not only in people’s kitchens, but also in collective eating spaces where infrastructural change can take place. From food trucks, pizzerias, bakeries, ice cream parlours and Michelin-starred establishments to cafes and restaurants at leading museums across the world, all are crucial spaces to explore, expand and educate about a climavore diet.

The word ‘restaurant’ originates from Bouillon Restaurant, an establishment in nineteenth-century France whose name literally translated as “restorative soup,” referring to a quasi-medicinal specialty dish intended to warm and nourish people’s bodies. In the climate emergency, the restaurant, alongside school canteens, collective kitchens, museum restaurants and so many other feeding spaces, all need to become a place not only to restore the human body but also a venture to care for the planet’s ecology; to promote systems that grow regenerative foods while cultivating habitats.

If you are a restaurant, museum, organisation or canteen interested in Becoming CLIMAVORE, get in touch!