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CLIMAVORE is a research platform and an agency that questions how to eat as humans change climates. New humanmade “seasons” are blurring the lines between spring, summer, autumn and winter, or yearly monsoon events. Instead, periods of polluted seas, soil exhaustion or fertiliser runoff are more influential on our foodscapes. CLIMAVORE, a term coined by Cooking Sections in 2015, is a call to rethink a truly broken food system, and move beyond a carnivore, omnivore, locavore, vegetarian or vegan diet to tackle these new seasonalities, while addressing the extractive and intensive practices that lead to them.

CLIMAVORE collaborates long-term with marine biologists, botanists, farmers, chefs, fisherfolk, anthropologists, geneticists, environmentalists, oenologists, chemists, soil scientists, conservationists, herders, among many others living on the frontiers of the climate emergency. With bases in London, Skye, Palermo, Istanbul and Madrid, CLIMAVORE facilitates the space and necessary action to transform food production, distribution and consumption in order to reimagine new horizons that can grow food while cultivating habitats.


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CLIMAVORE is a project initiated by Cooking Sections

CLIMAVORE Station Skye & Raasay: Director Shona Cameron, Director of Material Research Rosa Whiteley, shell collection Rachel MacLeod, fabricator Joel Franklyn
Local Advisory Group: Fiona MacInnes, Jon Macleod, Ailsa MacLennan, Calum Munro, Ben Oakes, Iain Ross, Michael Smith
Board of Directors: Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson, Daniel Fernández Pascual, Suzy Lee, Artemis Pana, Freya Rowe, Alon Schwabe

Becoming CLIMAVORE: Director Kelly Tsipni-Kolaza

CLIMAVORE x Jameel at RCA: Principal Investigators Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe, Project Coordinator & Director of Care Dani Burrows, Research Associates Enrico Milazzo and Merve Anil, and wetland coordinator Kubilay Ercelep