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Soil collapse occurs due to underground dewatering, mining, compaction, draining, or permafrost meltdown. The subtraction of matter in either solid, liquid or gas form from underground directly translates in geological rearrangements of the topography that is left beneath our feet.

Resource extraction has led to subsidence of the surface in many forms, often manifesting as sudden deadly deep sinkholes or entire cities slowly sinking a few centimetres each year. Over-extraction of freshwater, fertilisers or fossil fuels is becoming more and more pressing along the shores of many countries, leading to irreversible processes—sinking cities will never levitate back to their original locations even if the same volume of matter is pumped back down into the depth of the earth.

CLIMAVORE addresses the cause of subsidence through alternative food systems that divest from the dependence on groundwater or fertilising minerals to keep the surface balanced.