CLIMAVORE asks how do we eat as humans change climates? 

CLIMAVORE recognises that new 'seasons' are emerging. The lines between spring, summer, autumn and winter are increasingly blurred, while periods of polluted oceans, soil exhaustion, subsidence, pandemics and droughts are becoming more prevalent.

CLIMAVORE collaborates with experts in ecology, marine biology, agronomy, nutrition, and engineering among others.

CLIMAVORE proposes an adaptive form of eating, shifting for instance to drought-resistant crops in a period of water scarcity or filter feeders during times of polluted waters by fish farms.

Initiated by Cooking Sections in 2015 this long-term project includes a variety of site-responsive iterations, which are either self-initiated or commissioned by cultural institutions. 

CLIMAVORE is a Community Interest Company registered in the United Kingdom (SC640874).

CLIMAVORE: On Tidal Zones. Cooking Sections, 2017-ongoing. Isle of Skye. Photo: Nick Middleton.